Volunteer Responsibilities

Building Coordinator Responsibilities

A BRAVO Building Coordinator is responsible for the organization and operation of the BRAVO program at each BRAVO school. Contact Jill Mironer for this information

BRAVO Volunteer Responsibilities

Qualifications of a BRAVO volunteer

  • A high interest in music.
  • An ability to communicate enthusiastically with children.
  • An ability to communicate and work with teachers.
  • A music background is helpful, but not necessary

Responsibilities of a BRAVO Classroom Volunteer

  • To understand the goals of BRAVO.
  • To attend all scheduled training sessions and orientations.
  • To give six (30 minutes EACH) presentations in classrooms as scheduled.
  • To schedule your own BRAVO presentations, talk to your classroom teacher.
    • Once you have agreed upon a date with your classroom teacher, be sure to put this date and time on your school’s BRAVO calendar.
    • Check with your teacher about the date for your next month’s lesson immediately after you are done teaching “this month’s” lesson.
    • Call or email the teacher several days in advance if you know you cannot meet at your assigned time. If you must be absent the day of your presentation, call the school or your teacher by 8:00 a.m.
  • To prepare presentations in advance. This may take from 1 to 3 hours for each lesson.
  • To report any problems to your building BRAVO Coordinator or to the BRAVO Program Manager.
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