What is BRAVO!?

  • BRAVO is a music appreciation program for children in kindergarten through upper elementary grades.
  • A different series of music is presented each year for five years.  There are six lessons in each series.
  • Each six-lesson series focuses on classical music, including contemporary American composers, but also including elements of jazz and folk music. One series focuses on instruments – what they look like and how they make sounds.
  • BRAVO is designed to supplement already existing music instruction or to provide a music appreciation experience if no program exists.
  • BRAVO lessons are designed to affect students in their ever-changing world by providing opportunities for them to enjoy, experience, participate in and be challenged by classical music.

What are BRAVO goals?

  • To help make classical music an integral and meaningful part of students’ lives
  • To promote exposure to and develop appreciation for classical music
  • To develop the life skill of listening attentively and critically
  • To encourage students to be creative and to use their imaginations while listening
  • To help students understand the importance of music in world history and cultures of the world
  • To help prepare students for instrumental music experiences: piano, band, orchestra, etc.

Who can teach BRAVO!?

Bravo is designed to be taught by parent/community volunteers in the classroom. Volunteers attend two 2 hour training sessions; one is the fall and one in the winter. All teaching materials are provided, at training, for local school volunteers. Out-of-state volunteers will get teaching supplies from their school BRAVO Building Coordinators. Lesson prep-time varies with each individual presenter but typically a volunteer spends 1 -2 hours to prepare a 30 minute classroom presentation.

The program can also be taught by music teachers and classroom teachers. A program is being developed, using technology, to make BRAVO lesson preparations and presentations convenient and less time consuming for teachers.

What materials are included in the BRAVO! curriculum?

    • A STUDY MANUAL that includes:
      • Lesson plans for classroom presentations
      • Preparatory and follow-up activities
      • Creative ideas for volunteer presentations
      • Information about each musical selection
      • Historical information and timelines
      • Composer pictures and information about the life and work of each composer
      • Teaching tips
      • A variety of student worksheets for each lesson
      • Listening and Activity Charts
      • Teacher letters and other helpful administrative handouts


    • A THREE-DISC PACK that includes:
      • A study CD with the music to be studied and comments to help volunteers
      • A disc with Powerpoint slides for lesson presentations and online worksheets for duplication.
      • A BRAVO DVD with live musical presentations by young people, MN Orchestra musicians, composer interviews, etc. which can supplement and enhance the BRAVO lessons.


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