Training Facts

  • Training is provided by BRAVO!
  • Training is mandatory for all volunteers.
  • Volunteers will attend one two-hour training session in the fall, focusing on the first three BRAVO! lessons, and one training session in the winter, focusing on the last three BRAVO! lessons.
  • It is the responsibility of the school BRAVO Building Coordinator/Team to send training dates and times to all school BRAVO! volunteers.

Study CD Information

  • All BRAVO! volunteers must have a BRAVO! study CD in order to study BRAVO musical selections at home.
  • Study CDs contain all of the musical selections to be studied that year.
  • Many selections are also recorded with comments that will be helpful to BRAVO! volunteers who are not trained musicians.
  • Study CDs are study-quality only and should not be used in the classroom.
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