BRAVO: Team Up with Music – Program Values

Once exposed to the arts, children find a sense of accomplishment in their success and will carry this over into other areas of life.

1. Music Appreciation
BRAVO lessons promote exposure to and appreciation for classical music. Lessons are designed to affect students in their ever-changing world by providing opportunities for them to enjoy, experience and participate in and be challenged by classical music. Many children would have little, if any, exposure to classical music without presentations by BRAVO volunteers.

2. Curriculum Enrichment
BRAVO lessons have been developed and taught in classrooms for over 25 years.  Survey data collected by classroom teachers state that BRAVO lessons relate to their regular curriculum. Social studies is the subject most often cited, but language arts, math, and science are also tied in regularly. BRAVO is designed to enrich, not duplicate, other school music experiences, and the music selections are different from those taught in school music classes.

3. Diversity and Global Awareness
BRAVO provides the opportunity to understand a variety of styles of music from different countries, cultures and historical eras. The program introduces male and female composers and performers of various nationalities and ages, as well as living Minnesota composers.

4. Value to Teachers
Of those responding to recent surveys, 97% of the teachers stated that they consider BRAVO to be valuable in their classroom. One teacher said: “BRAVO volunteers are well prepared with creative lessons that actively engage the students aesthetically, kinesthetically, musically, and cognitively.”

5. Student Skills
According to teacher surveys, the skills that students develop in BRAVO lessons include critical thinking, critical listening, and talking articulately about music.  Students also learn about a variety of instruments, cultures, and styles and forms of music.

6. Parent Involvement/Adult Role Models
Paren and community volunteers in the classroom share their enthusiasm for music and are role models for lifelong learning. Students benefit from having an adult other than their teacher present new information to them. Parents also benefit from having a very meaningful way to engage in their childʼs classroom and learn along with the children.

A full year of BRAVO takes less class time than a half-day field trip and costs less than the bus!