Steps for Starting a BRAVO Music Program

BRAVO Contacts

  • Contact a BRAVO representative through e-mail, for basic information about BRAVO:
    Rita Docter

Select a Bravo Building Coordinator

  • Schools who wish to start a BRAVO program must select a BRAVO building coordinator or BRAVO Team who will be responsible for organization of the BRAVO program in the school. This is typically a parent volunteer. The building coordinator receives training and support from BRAVO and is invited to attend a start-up meeting in the fall as well as a follow-up/preview meeting in the spring.

BRAVO Contract/Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • BRAVO will send a contract to schools that have decided to start a BRAVO program.
  • The school principal and/or PTA/PTO president must sign and return the contract to the BRAVO office. (BRAVO LOIʼs will be send to schools annually for each year of their participation in BRAVO)