Building coordinators will need to arrange for a safe place at their schools to store BRAVO recordings, CD players, and other supplies used for BRAVO.  Storage space might also be found in the school media center.

Provided Supplies

The following curriculum supplies are handed out at Minnesota BRAVO training sessions:

  • A BRAVO study manual. BRAVO lessons cannot be taught without using the study manual.
  • A flashdrive that includes music, videos, films, worksheets, and PowerPoint lessons with embedded sound and YouTube clips.

Out-of-state BRAVO Coordinators must ensure that all volunteers receive a study manual before attending training. The trainer will be provided flash drives for volunteers.

Required Supplies

Required supplies must be purchased by individual schools.

The BRAVO administrator will send  BRAVO building coordinators a list of web links for MP3’s of the musical selections needed for the curriculum being studied for the upcoming school year.

Optional Supplies

  • Rhythm instruments: May be purchased from local music stores or borrowed from the school music teacher. Many BRAVO programs have found it convenient to have their own supply of rhythm instruments. Chopsticks and lovely little brass Indian bells can be purchased from Pier One or similar stores and are useful for several BRAVO selections.
  • Books and videos: Books and videos suggested in the BRAVO study manuals can be purchased online. Or, many school libraries are happy to order books, recordings and DVDs requested by the BRAVO building coordinator.